ps11-t85 series

The product series ps11-t85 of table top drivers has all features of the ds-series. It is powered by an input voltage of 98-230 V AC with power factor correction. The power ranges from 100 W to 600 W. The TEC current ranges up to 20 A and voltage up to 48 V.

As in all DS devices an RS232 interface for controlling and monitoring is integrated. A temperature sequenzer is integrated for adjusting temperature profiles. External analog control is supported.

Optionally, up to 4 TEC circuits are possible.

If your type is not among the listed types please request!

TEC1 TEC2 Data-
Imax Vmax Imax Vmax sheet
ps11-pa08v22-t8536-v5-pt100-346 8 A 22 V
ps11-pa08v24-t8539-v2-thcpl-682 8 A 24 V
ps11-pa07v48-t8543-v0-180-714 7 A 48 V
ps11-pa10v22-t8536-v2-pt100-thcpl-20 10 A 22 V
ps11-pa12v48-t8539-v1-thcpl-589 12 A 48 V
ps11-pa15v24-t8539-v1-thcpl-180 15 A 24 V
ps11-pa15v24-t8538-v2-pt100-616 15 A 24 V
ps11-pa15v24-t8543-v0-180-685 15 A 24 V
ps11-pa08v24-pa08v24-t8543-v1-683 8 A 24 V 8 A 24 V