Our thermoelectric coolers are well suited for temperature stabilisation in a wide power loss range. They are using air as cooling medium. Beneath of the cooling of diode lasers you will get a solution for a lot of other cooling tasks .

HSP-series (passive cooling without thermoelectric coolers) could handle up to 380 W of heat-loss e.g. from laser diodes with integrated peltier elements. Cooling capacity is given for 25 °C air temperature. Its value varies with the environmental behaviour.
We deliver each device with the right mounting drill pattern depending on the module to assemble. OsTech offer some standards for often used laser modules.
Only high reliable components are used for cooler assemblies.

without TEC (passive)

  • probe temperature could not be set below air temperature
hsp series
up to 380 W

with TEC (active)

  • probe temperature settable from 0 °C till 80 °C with high accuracy
hsa series
up to 150 W

butterfly cooler

  • with or without TEC

hsx-btf series
Mount for 14-Pin Butterfly Package

also with external TEC support