ps01-o44 series

The product series ps01-o44 of OEM TEC drivers has all features of the ds-series. It is powered by an input voltage of 24 V DC. The power ranges up to 400 W. The TEC current ranges up to 20 A and voltage up to 18 V.

As in all DS devices an RS232 interface for controlling and monitoring is integrated. A temperature sequenzer is integrated for adjusting temperature profiles.

Multiple TEC circuits for temperature stabilisation with peltier elements can be implemented.

If your type is not among the listed types please request!

TEC1 TEC2 Data-
Imax Vmax Imax Vmax sheet
ps01-pa05v14-o4400-v1-148 5 A 14 V
ps01-pa08v18-o4400-v2-66 8 A 18 V
ps01-pa12v20-o4400-v2-305 12 A 20 V
ps01-pa16v18-o4400-v1-85 16 A 18 V
ps01-pa04v16-pa04v16-o4400-v1-219 4 A 16 V 4 A 16 V
ps01-pa08v16-pa08v16-o4400-v1-590 8 A 16 V 8 A 16 V