hsa series

The HSA series incorporates 3 profile types with at maximum 38 W, 80 W, 110 W power loss capacity at 25 °C air temperature and a temperature at mounting surface of 15 °C. Lowering the surface temperature decreases the cooling capacity. The cooled sample could be precisely stabilized to temperatures between 15 °C and 40 °C in standard version and 0 °C and 80 °C in extended version.
We have a variable connector layout. Mounting threads could be made acording to your need.

We are pleased to configure the right heatsink for your task.

Heatsink Data-
Pcool sheet
hsa-25-0610-v0-648 hsa-25-0610-v0-648 25 W
hsa-38-0610-v0-649 hsa-38-0610-v0-649 38 W
hsa-80-1216-v0-652 hsa-80-1216-v0-652 80 W
hsa-120-1616-v0-653 hsa-120-1616-v0-653 120 W
hsa-150-162208-v0-729 hsa-150-162208-v0-729 150 W