dst11-t192 series

The product series dst11-t192 combines the features and reliability of our Laser sources and TEC controller with diode laser modules to a turn key laser source. It is powered by an input voltage of 110-230 V AC with power factor correction. In standard the optical power output is located at the back panel. The optical power could be chosen up to 45 W. Lasers are air cooled with TEC temperature control. Multiple laser protection features are incorporated.

As user interface we provide the front panel display, RS232 and an optical isolated analog interface. CW and pulsed modes are supported. Typical rise time is 25 μs, shorter rise times are achievable on request.

It is possible to provide your own laser diode to OsTech. Otherwise we choose the best suited laser for your application.

Any question or requests are welcome to discuss with our engineers.