fibre cables

In cooperation with the company FCC we provide a set of fibre cables which are well suited to work with our laser assemblies. They are manufactured thoroughly with precise core centering. The cables have a robust construction with metal shielding and epoxy free ferrule.

For higher optical powers there are additional features available such as mode stripping, monitoring of fiber breakage, connector temperature and connectivity.

In addition it is possible to assemble fiber connectors and metal tube to your laser module.

More detailed information about connectors and fibre cables you find here:

fibre cables fibre-SMA-SMA-400μm-metal-tube-3m-339
fibre cables fibre-SMA-SMA-600μm-metal-tube-3m-342
fibre cables fibre-SMA-SMA-200μm-metal-tube-3m-414
fibre cables fibre-SMA-SMA-200μm-metal-tube-5m-583
fibre cables fibre-SMA-SMA-600μm-metal-tube-2m-586
fibre-SMA-SMA-400µm-metal-tube-hs-3m-643 fibre-SMA-SMA-400µm-metal-tube-hs-3m-643
fibre-SMA-SMA-400µm-metal-tube-hs-sen-5m-667 fibre-SMA-SMA-400µm-metal-tube-hs-sen-5m-667